When cultures collide… you get the stories of an American Born Confused Desi

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What is an American Born Confused Desi?
        1st Generation children of Immigrants from the South Asian region consisting mainly of the following countries: India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.
        For so long, there were so few of us that our shared cultures allowed us to connect as one here in America. This was certainly not the case back in the homeland as many of our parents experienced war and discrimination first hand.
       Even though on the outside we looked the same, we have our own languages and come from different religious backgrounds. The South Asian Desi community tends to be very community based. It's hard not to be when you come from a country where the population is so dense you are literally on top of each other. Bangladesh is the size of New York approximately with 161 million people! New York has around 19 million.

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Mistaken Identity

            Growing up in a community where you do not share a similar background with others can be taxing. Based on physical appearance alone, you stand out. When your parents come to pick you up in traditional attire or cook different foods, you know you are different. There is nothing wrong with being different. What was difficult growing up (and even somewhat now) is always having to explain who you are and what you are.
            Actually, I didn't mind that either. But it was irksome that most times people still had no clue what you are speaking of. Granted, the country was still kind of brand new only being liberated in 1971. But as a representative of my people and the desire to be understood, I did my diligent duty in explaining who I am as best as I could.

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      Such an interesting word. What exactly is privilege? The Websters dictionary definition is: "a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a specific group of people".

In this day and age, this word means so much more. There are varying levels of privilege that comes from a myriad of things such as race, religion, wealth, skin color, and education level.

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