99 Problems

I got 99 problems…


Because I didn’t get a 100% on those citywide tests. 


I have very vivid memories of being scolded for not getting a perfect score. I had to explain it was a percentile. My parents are like your typical Desi and Asian parents that want their children to be the best in their class. It didn’t help that I got tested early for being gifted. Once they knew what I was capable of, it was over. 


I didn’t do your typical activities on the weekends. No sports or

music for me. They failed at keeping me in a cultural dance class. I was able to get my way into an art program. But otherwise it was additional classes and more test prep on the weekends. It was a pain and not very fun but in the long run I am an amazing test taker.. 


So amazing that I learned how to maneuver my testing to match my desires instead. The ultimate test before my SAT’s was the NYC Specialized HS test, the ultimate caliber of potential. I actually wanted to go to a non specialized school that was still very good. I really didn’t want to travel so far to school because I knew it would limit on my after school life. I knew if I got into Stuyvesant, there was no way out. If I got into Bronx Science, I couldn’t argue transportation as there was a yellow school cheese bus making pickups a block away. But with Brooklyn Tech, I could argue my way out with the dangerous public transportation. (I understand how this sounds lol). I had to get enough right so they don’t question what happened. I scored 2 points away from Bronx Science. Perfect situation. I went to my school of choice and it was amazing.  


Truth is, they had every right to have high expectations. They traveled thousands of miles into a completely foreign country just to give us a better opportunity. After all they had to walk five miles  barefoot just to go to school. I know we have all heard that story!


My problems are nothing compared to what they could have been…