Desi Halloween

As I get myself ready to take out my Draculera  today for trick or treating, it takes me back to my own childhood memories. The concept of Halloween was so foreign to our Desi parents who just emigrated from the motherland. Kids dress up and then go door to door asking for handouts?! I was fortunate enough to be able to peer pressure my mother into letting us go around the block. Dressing up and getting free candy?!!


All my first generation ABCD counterparts were not always so lucky though.. One ABCD mother recounts her experience growing up and her new feelings around it..

“Growing up we really didn’t take part in Halloween and I never really enjoyed this tradition. I think its because my (loving) parents would just encourage me to dress up as an “indian princess” by using my already existing indian dresses and it never really felt like I was in costume. Sharing this with my husband as he laughs. He was also forced to dress up as an Indian Prince, either that or he was Dracula. The joy in this now is that with our son, we get to experience this tradition in a whole new light just like many other traditions (apple picking, hayrides) that I never did until after being a parent. I am able to truly enjoy these events now, even though I used to be a grinch about it. Wondering if there is anyone else who feels this way- that having a child brings out experience life in a whole new way. Also wondering if anyone else was forced to make do with what they had at their house for costumes….”