Soul Friend

Thank you for being so understanding of who I am. I don’t think you truly understand how much something like that means to me.. or maybe you do. Ha! You know just how to nudge, and ask just the right questions. And then there I am just pouring out my soul to you, my soul friend 😉 But you know what you’ve done, that was most important, that most have failed to do, you just took my side. You never once made it seem in any way that his feelings mattered. It was about me and only me. For someone who is constantly worried about others, you made me realize and comprehend that it’s just me who matters. 


You know it’s crazy to think that I could be so close to someone I had a friendship with 15 years ago and then failed to keep in proper contact with! I remember wondering about our previous time together and questioning the real ness of it all. This time there is no question. I won’t wonder in another 15 years whether any of this was real. I also don’t expect us not to have contact for so long! But life.. life takes us many different ways and I just want to have my bases covered. In case our journeys take us in separate ways and some time passes before we meet again. The good thing is that if you are truly my soul friend then it means the world is not over yet! We will certainly reconnect before 😉 

 I reached out to you because of memories of our past friendship, but it’s our most present friendship that I will hold dearest to me. Thank you for just being there.. and being my all around friend. You gave me the right things when I needed it. And you never really needed to. Haha this hot mess walking into your life like that. And here I ammonths later more confident, with answers and at peace with myself (as much as can be..) I’ve founf myself again this summer and you were certainly my spirit guide Ol’ Wise Owl. Really what I’m trying to say at the base of it all is that I love you. And I am your forever friend. So wherever the heck it is that you end up, don’t forget how easy it is to reach me. 

 Thanks for opening me up. Literally. Figuratively. All of that.